You spend months after months planning a wedding, trying desperately to ensure that every little minute detail is taken care of. In an effort to create the best day possible, it is easy to forget that this should be a fun and enjoyable experience. When you find yourself getting so stressed out over the details that you are no longer enjoying the act of planning, take a step back and follow some simple guidelines.

First, please realize that no matter how many times you have checked, double-checked, and triple-checked all the details, something will go wrong on your big day. It is inevitable and no matter how much planning you do, there is simply no way to control every person working at, attending, or providing items for your wedding.

Yes, something going wrong is a scary thought, especially because in many cases this is a day that you have dreamed about since you were a child. But instead of listing all the things that could go wrong and trying to figure out how to prevent them, realize that the act of getting married is about the relationship and the love you and your partner share. Your family and friends are not coming to your wedding to analyze the food, music, location, or cake. They are coming to witness this wonderful commitment you are making.

In one, two, or three months, no one will remember if the prime rib was overcooked or the cake was dry. They will remember the emotions of the day and the general feeling conveyed by the newlyweds and their friends. They will remember if it appeared as though you were having a good time and the mood everyone was in.

Still skeptical? A couple months ago it was my turn to get married and I did stress out, over-plan, and come very close to the end of my rope. I had purchased my dream dress, a beautiful ivory chiffon gown with a long train and a very intricate bustle. It looked beautiful and as my new husband was leading me to the dance floor, the unthinkable happened. He stepped on the back of my train, ripping out every single button that was bustling my very long and very heavy train. As the music started to play I had a pool of ivory chiffon wrapped around both of our feet. Obviously there would be no more turning, spinning, or other tricky maneuvers in this dance.

As we started to sway back and forth, constantly conscious of where my dress was and how to avoid tripping on it, we realized that at that point, at that moment in our lives, it didn’t matter. It was about us, about the song that we had fallen in love to 4 years earlier, and about our intense love for one another.

No one in the room was laughing or criticizing the small movements in our dancing, they simply looked up at us and the way my husband and I were looking into one-another’s eyes. As I looked over his shoulder, I saw that every woman at the table of our friends was crying, and not because they felt bad for me or my mess of a dress, but because they had rarely seen love as intense as the love we shared.

No one but you will notice the little details that don’t quite pan out. In many cases, the problems that arise no one will notice in the first place. When it comes to your wedding, savor the whole experience. It is the one of the biggest moments in your life and it should be enjoyed to the full extent.

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